Writing 101: Jumpstart your Writing with these Tips

This post is the first in the new category for people who want to learn how to write better.

To write is to express yourself in words. To write is to tell someone what you think or how you feel with words. To write is to explain and yourself clearly, and in simple terms. To write is to make someone understand.

If you are just starting out writing, the above words are the things you need to keep in mind. Writing isn’t a show of words. Writing is about making someone understand a particular concept in simple terms.

As a newbie writer, you need not to get worried about what someone thinks about your write-up, you need to ensure that you are concerned with developing your writing instead.

I didn’t start writing the way I write now; my writing got better with time. Sometimes when I read some of the things I wrote before now, I cringe! LOL.

As a starter, here are things you need to do to jumpstart your writing:

  1. Write every day: this is one trick that you need to learn. When you write consistently, you get better. You don’t always have to be in front of a laptop to write every day; you can write in your notebooks or even on your phone. When doing this, don’t worry about the errors or mistakes you make, just write and let it flow. Don’t think about what someone might say when they see your write up, just write.
  2. Have a notepad: you also need to make it a habit to have a notepad with you in order to record or jot down ideas or concepts that come to your mind. Don’t make the notebook too big that you might not feel like taking it along with you wherever you are going. If you don’t want to use a note, you can use your phone and download a good note-taking app on your phone. One tip here is to get a note-taking app that has a sync function, so you can access the notes wherever you are.
  3. Read people’s works you like: find good writers you like their writing and read their works. It may be article writers or novelists; just find good writers you like their writing style. Once you find them, you need to study the way they write. Study the way they use punctuations and grammar, etc. and learn. However, you don’t need to copy their style; you just need to learn from them. Find your own style.
  4. Learn about grammar and punctuation: there are so many websites where you can learn grammar and punctuation from. You need to get your grammar and punctuations right, in order to make your readers understand what you write. For instance, you visit http://www.dailywritingtips.com for writing tips.
  5. Challenge yourself: you also need to challenge yourself. If you only rite one paragraph daily before; try to write 2 paragraphs, from 2 paragraphs, move to 3 paragraphs, and so on.
Need more writing tips? Send me a mail at ayishatamoo@gmail.com

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