10 Things I Learnt from the just Concluded UpLevel Workshop

So my Saturday (25/3/17) was very interesting. It was one of those Saturdays I made sure I did some other things apart from creating contents (I still created contents, though).

So I went to two events; UpLevel Workshop and the launch of Cozy Concepts Store.

UpLevel Workshop is a workshop organized by the delectable Tale Alimi, the author of UpLevel: Find your niche, share your story, build your tribe and profit from your passion.

The workshop was attended by 3 panelists: Tale Alimi herself, Tewa Onasanya (Publisher, Exquisite Magazine), and Ejiro Amos Tafiri (A renowned Fashion Designer).

Cozy Concepts is furniture store that sells lovely pieces of furniture with good quality, that you can actually purchase them and DIY them at home. Isn’t that cool?

Okay, so I will be talking about the UpLevel workshop in this article! 😁😁

And here are 10 things I learnt from the workshop:

  1. Be persistent: this is one of the things I learnt from Ejiro Amos Tafiri when she was shared her story with us. She took us through her journey, and showed us how amidst friends and families with different point of views concerning what she should study, she stuck to what she was really passionate about, which is fashion designing.
  2. Be willing to work for it: I also learnt this from Ejiro’s presentation. Ejiro made us understand that she actually spends a lot of time working on her craft and mastering it! Wouldn’t you?
  3. Learn more! I believe that this is important. Be willing to learn more and acquire the right knowledge you need for your passion or craft! Ejiro shared with us how she actually accepted a low paying job because she wanted to learn more! I was inspired by this!
  4. Profit from your passion: Mrs.Tewa Onasanya made us understand that she was not profiting from her passion when she first started out publishing her magazine until she realized that she was affecting her business. How can you profit from your passion today?
  5. Make an Impact: Tale Alimi told us that a real uplevel life is making an impact. She added that you can make money while making a difference. This made me think, how can I make an impact with my gifts and talents?
  6. Grit is important: Tale Alimi also made us understand that grit is important in success. You need to be willing to go for what you need to go for an be resilient. What’s the point of not doing the right things full-fledged, the way you actually ought to do them?
  7. You don’t have to see the whole staircase before you make a move: Mrs. Tewa Onasanya restated this fact that sometimes you need to to take the stairs even if you can’t see the whole staircase. This made me think about so many things I have always wanted to do but didn’t because I didn’t quite understand or see the whole stairs.
  8. Celebrate every success: I also got this from Mrs.Tewa Onasanya’s presentation during the workshop that every success no matter how little needs to celebrated.
  9. Be willing to be you: Mrs. Tewa Onasanya also explained that you need to be you, and not someone else. You might be at a certain point and another person might be to another point, don’t compare!
  10. Instead of complaining about it, do something about it: Tale Alimi also asserted that instead of complaining about things, do something about it.

Were you inspired? How are you choosing to UpLevel? Comments below!!

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