5 ways I use my phone to work, and how you too can

Here’s the norm: everyone thinks smartphones are distractions. And here’s what I will tell you; smart phones are distractions if you allow them to be!

I like productivity. I like being able to effectively and efficiently work. As such, I try to find ways I can work better and faster with the resources I have.

5 ways I use my phone to work, and how you too can

And so, one of the ways I started working more productively is by using my phone to work whenever I don’t have access to my personal computer.

I intentionally look for ways on how I can make good use of my phone, and how it can help me do more work, rather than do little work.

We hear a lot about how our phones distract us and how people waste time with their phones. I am of the opinion that you can also be productive with your phone and get more work done if you want too. Depending on what you do with your phone or how you allow yourself use your phone; you can be distracted or productive.

I have also been distracted with my phone several times; I used to spend so many hours on social media, doing nothing! Thank God I soon realised that I can put my phone to good use without allowing it to distract me.

Here are some ways I use my phone to work, and how you too can:

  1. Write: I write with my phone. As a writer, I write a lot, and I use my phone to write a lot. ln fact, I am using my phone to write this article. Even if you are not a writer, or if you don’t have any writing to do, at one point in time or the other, you will still need to write something. Having a notepad or document app on your phone can make that easy to do. You can download an app like Google Docs on your phone, where you can write and it automatically syncs with your Google drive. This will also make your writing easier.
  2. Scheduling: another way you can productively use your phone is by using it to schedule or for calendaring. You can schedule tasks or meetings on your phone using effective scheduling apps.
  3. Learning: it is important that we learn continuously and that we are teachable. There are so many things you can learn using your phone. For instance, you can learn aย new language, learn a course relevant to your field, learn to play some musical instruments on your phone. You can download apps that can enable you do that or you can visit the websites that can allow you do that on your phone.
  4. Correspondence: another way you can use your phone more productively is using it for correspondence. E.g you can send emails and text messages in relation to your work or for business purposes, on your phone.
  5. Read: one of the ways you can also use your phone to work is by reading on your phone. You can read educative articles, enlightening articles, good books, and so on, right on your phone. You can subscribe to content-rich articles that you can read when you want to, on your phone.


Do you know other ways people can use their phones to work? Kindly share them with us in the comment section below. Thank you!

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