Why you need to take breaks

I once thought taking breaks wasn’t relevant; I thought what was relevant was work, work, and more work. However, I soon realized I was wrong about that.

I notice that whenever I take breaks during work, I feel more productive when I’m ready to get back to work.

Taking breaks is beneficial and important.

Why you need to take breaks

Taking breaks helps one to step back from a work and look at it from another point of view that can be better than the previous.

Taking breaks is refreshing, it is pausing so that you won’t have to stress yourself. Taking breaks shows that you care about your well-being.

Work, work, and work is not the right route to working. You need to give yourself a chance to breathe, and enjoy the things you take for granted.

Taking breaks is energizing and can make someone feel productivity when it’s time to get back to work.

I found out that whenever I ‘workathon’ (working and working with pausing; like a marathon) I feel so stressed and exhausted.

And so, I am intentionally planning to take breaks and prevent myself from burnout and stress.

With that in mind, here are some tips for taking breaks:

  1. Schedule time for breaks: set out a time in your schedule or during your work for breaks. For instance, you if you set 2 hours to work on a job, within those 2 hours, you need to ensure that you set out a time to take some minutes of break.
  2. Practice less screen time when going on breaks: one of the ways to take breaks is to practice less screen time. For someone like me who works online with the computer and phone, for me to take breaks I know I need to give myself the chance to stay away from the screen for some time. You might not be someone who work online most of time, if you are someone who frequently scrolling through social media posts like some of us do, then you know that you can also take breaks by spending less screen time.
  3. Don’t be too busy to take breaks: let’s not feel too busy to take breaks, in order not feel stressed and exhausted.


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