My Experience as a Nigerian with Natural Hair

My natural hair journey has been lovely, even though taking care of it sometimes might be tasking.

My Experience as a Nigerian with Natural Hair

I went natural last year March 2015. It was scary and I looked like someone who didn’t know what to do with her hair.

People asked a lot of questions as to my plans for my hair, and my answers ranged between going natural, and just wanting to make my hair healthy. Some people didn’t understand this, and in my mind, my hope was that when my hair start growing, you will know why I had to cut my hair. I did a big chop, and hair went very low.

I didn’t choose to a transition (gradually cutting off the relaxed part fo my hair), rather, I did a big chop, and hair went very low.

In fact, I had to use wigs for sometimes before I started leaving my hair out.

One of the things I have come to accept as a Nigerian with a natural hair is that people will gawk at you!

I have had several experiences as a natural Nigerian, here are some of them:

  1. Questions: I have been asked so many questions, some pleasing questions, while others not. People asks a lot of questions as to why, how, and when I went natural. I appreciate questions that make me share my experiences and tips with others.
  2. Looks: yes, I get stares when I pass by. It is either people are wondering why I ‘left my hair like that’, or they are admiring my hair.
  3. Salon: getting the right salons and hair stylists were sometimes a bit difficult. However, if you are willing to teach your hair stylist how to effectively handle your hair, you can also do that. At the same time, you need to have a hair stylist that is willing to learn, as well as adapt to required changes.
  4. Products: a while ago it was difficult to get the products I needed, I had to spend a lot getting natural hair products suitable for my hair. In addition, I had bought products wrongly and even the ones I didn’t need before, and it was painful. However, I soon learnt the tips and tricks I needed to get the right products and how to use the products.
  5. Feeling when you see a fellow naturalista: when I see someone else carrying their natural hair, I get delighted and if I can, we share tips and ideas about natural hair. The number of people carrying their natural hair is gradually increasing.
  6. Cost effective: now that I know a handful of tips and tricks for taking care of my natural hair, taking care of my natural hair has become cost effective.

To read my full list of tips for taking care of your natural hair, click here to read.

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