13 Tips for Getting more Reading Done this Year

Perhaps part of your goals this year is to get more reading done. You want to read more books this year than you did last year. You might have set some SMART goals about how to improve your reading habits this year.

13 Tips for Getting more Reading Done this Year


We know that reading has a lot of benefits for us. Reading helps us learn new words, it helps us know things about different places or concepts, it can help us in improving our empathy, it can help in making us communicate better, it can entertain us, and so on.

And so, here are some tips for getting more reading done this year:

  1. Look at your schedule: you need to look at your schedule and think about the times you would be able to do some reading daily. By looking critically at your schedule, you can think about when best you will be able to read daily or at the frequency you want.
  2. Set SMART goals: with the understanding of your schedule, you can set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely or Time-bound goals for your reading. For instance, this is an example of a SMART goal: “I want to read one chapter of a book at 10 pm daily”. This goal is SMART because it is specific, it is also measurable (if I don’t read one chapter daily, I know I haven’t met my reading goal that day), it is achievable (that is why you need to first look at your schedule and think about it if you can get one chapter done daily, you need to be honest with yourself). It is also realistic because it is something that can be done, in addition, it is timely or time-bound because I want to read ‘daily’.
  3. Be disciplined about it: when you set goals, you need to be disciplined about them. You need to discipline yourself to do the things you need to do. Don’t allow laziness or procrastination.
  4. Find creative ways to read: you can come up with creative ways to read more. For instance, can you read during your commute time, perhaps you are in a commercial bus or in your car when your driver is driving you.
  5. Listen to an audiobook: you can listen to an audiobook if you are not able to pick up a physical book to read. For instance, you can listen to an audiobook while doing some household chores, in the car, etc.
  6. Keep a book in your bag: you can also develop the habit of keeping a book in your bag so that when you have the opportunity to read, you can easily bring out the book and read.
  7. Buy electronic books: you can also buy e-books online and read them on your devices.
  8. Download literary apps: there are so many apps that you can read books from. One of such apps is Wattpad, where you can read so many books for free right on your gadgets. Wattpad is available for download for your Windows, Android and iOS devices.
  9. Visit a library: you can also locate a library in your area and visit there more often to read.
  10. Follow good literary social media accounts online: there are so many literary social media accounts online that you can follow. Some give tips, suggestions, and motivate people to read more.
  11. Join a book club: you can also join a physical book club or an online book club that will be beneficial to you. This will also encourage you to read more.
  12. Join a reading challenge: you can also join an online reading challenge that will help you read more books. There are several ones online, and you can research about them.
  13. Read book reviews: sometimes when you read book reviews of some books, you might get motivated to purchase the book and read.


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