Things to note when planning

One of the things that come with the New Year is plans; whether new or old.

Things to note when planning

Some of us have already started planning towards the New Year, and as the New Year approaches, so many people make huge plans in relation to their career, life, relationship, etc.

Whether it is planning for the New Year or other plans, it is essential to understand that planning isn’t enough, planning well is also important.

And so, how do we plan well?

  1. First, commit your plans to God: this is the most important thing to do when planning. Commit all of your plans to God and ask God to lead you and direct you. In addition, you need to allow God lead you, and follow His instructions. Don’t forget that there is the need to hold our plans loosely and allow God to lead us.
  2. Write the plans down: note down all your plans. Write them where you can easily access them, and in a place you frequently check.
  3. What are the things required of you? it is also important to know those things you need to do in relation to the plans. When you have identified them, note them down. Write them down in actionable ways that can be easily carried out and followed-through.
  4. Put accountability measures in place: you can also put accountability measures in place so that you can check if you are on track with your plans.

17 thoughts on “Things to note when planning

  1. I definitely need to ensure I have accountability going into 2017. One thing I am reconsidering is joining Weight Watchers where I have to attend the meetings. Knowing someone is going to see me once a week to check in on my goals makes all the difference!


  2. I always write down my plans and goals but for 2017, I decided to not only write down my goals but actually schedule action items into my calendars that’ll take me closer to reaching my goals.


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