8 Easy Conversation Starters

I used to be very shy, perhaps I’m still  a bit shy. I used to avoid starting conversations with people, (sometimes I still do), I preferred staying on my own without talking to others. However, I soon realized I needed to make some changes concerning this.


8 Easy Conversation Starters

Conversation starters are one of the ways to easily start a conversation with someone or a group of people. One of the ways to beat shyness and talk to others and avoid extremely awkward situations is to have excellent conversation starters handy.

You might find yourself in an event where you meet different people, and might think about ways you can easily start-off conversations with some of them, having good conversation starters is one of the ways you can easily start conversations with others.

And so, here are some handy conversation starters you can take note of:

  1. Economic topics: what is happening currently in the economy that can spark up conversations? You can start off with something recent that you know about that you can easily converse about.
  2. Do you have shared interests: do you notice any thing you both share in common that the other person can talk about as well? This is also a conversation starter. It could be about books, music, fashion, etc.
  3. News/current affairs: also, discussing the news about others can be a good conversation starter.
  4. Places: what places has the other person visited or you have visited that can you can talk about?
  5. Events: what events did either of you go for that you can easily talk about?
  6. Growing up: you can also talk about how growing up was like, childhood memories, and so on.
  7. Schooling: you can also talk about schools you’ve attended in the past, or the one you are currently attending.
  8. Favourite things: this is one of the easiest to talk about. You can talk about your favourite movie, music, book, TV programs, food, drinks, locations to visit, and so on.


Can you help us add to this list? please share with us in the comment box below, thank you!

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