Why understanding is needed in communication

I am of the opinion that understanding is an integral part of communication; without understanding, effective communication might hardly take place.

why understanding is needed in communication


I believe when we understand people, when we understand their likes and dislikes, when we understand their preferences, when we understand what intrigues them, as well as what puts them off; we can effectively communicate with them.

I believe when we communicate with understanding, we eliminate some of the communication problems that might want to spring up later on during the process of communication.

If I understand that the person I am communicating with doesn’t like the use of some offensive phrases, then I might decide not to include such phrases in our conversation.

Knowing your audience, knowing the receiver of your message; can help you pass your message across effectively.

So how do you know more about your audience or about that person you want to effectively communicate with?

Here are some of the ways:

  • You can ask them about themselves: you might be surprised at how some people would like to tell you about themselves, only if you ask. You can ask basic questions about them, and with that, you might know how to communicate better with them.
  • You can observe them: you can also observe how they act, what they appreciate, and what they don’t like. This will also help you in communicating effectively with them. Even after observing them, in order not to jump into conclusions or not to have false assumptions, the first option I mentioned, which is asking them about themselves is better.

There might be times that will call for you joining groups or teams and work together with them; perhaps on a project, research, assignment, goal, tasks, and so on. It is important to make sure that you are communicating well with others, so as not to give a wrong impression about you, or forestall the progress of the group or team.

Here are some of the benefits of understanding your audience or receivers of your messages:

  1. It eliminates awkward situations: it also helps to know the kinds of things that you don’t need to say when communicating with them, which will then result into eliminating awkward situations.
  2. It aids progress: whatever you all are working on becomes more progressive because you understand who you are relating with, and you know his or her likes and dislikes.
  3. It helps to remove assumptions as well.
  4. It gives hints on how best to communicate with them: when you understand your audience or who you are communicating with you, you know how bets to communicate with them in terms of the channels to use, the language, format, words, and so on.


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9 thoughts on “Why understanding is needed in communication

  1. Communications is the key. I met with a lot of people yesterday for some group discussion and we talked about communication.


  2. Another thing I find useful when communicating is putting myself in the other persons shoes. I think getting a feel for what is happening for them at a deeper level is critical to really opening up lines of communication. Thanks for the Article I enjoyed it.


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