Avoiding the Comparison game

Sometimes, we knowingly or unknowingly cross the line between admiration and comparison.

avoiding the comparison game


And when this line is crossed, we create an avenue for all sort of feelings that accompany comparison to come into our minds.

When we compare ourselves with others, we forget to look at ways we can complement one another, as well as ways we can help one another.

Perhaps we also need to look at it from the point of view of the fact that you have what someone else doesn’t have, the other person has what you don’t have, and we all need one another to come together and help one another.

When we are caught up in the comparison game, we loose sight of so many wonderful things that can happen when we decide to put comparison behind us and take up the plunge to help one another.

Like someone once said, “you are not in a popularity contest.” The goal isn’t to appear has having more things or doing more things than others, the goal is to walk in love, and do those things God has called us to do.

It is in comparison things like anger, jealousy, bitterness, envy sometimes springs up.

I’m making it a goal today to avoid the comparison game and look at how I can work with others and how we can help one another.

We all need one another.

And so, here are some tips on avoiding the comparison game:

  1. Pray: with prayers, you can easily turn off comparison. We can always pray to God to help us take our eyes off the comparison game and not compare ourselves with others.
  2. Appreciate others: rather than trying to see who’s doing better or who has something more than the other, you can see what you like in others and tell them or compliment them about it, without comparison.
  3. Don’t dwell on negativity: negativity has no good whatsoever. And so, anytime you catch yourself dwelling on negativity, prayerfully resist it immediately.

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