How old are you?

‘How old are you?’

I get this question almost every time.

how old are you

Most times whenever I get this question, it’s boils down to how the other person is trying to determine how fit or unfit I am for a particular thing/situation/action/circumstance.

I wonder how my age has to do with anything. Really, what does age have to do with it?

People are always quick to ask about your age whenever you seem a bit too young or too old.

Age-shaming is simply negative or inappropriate comments about someone’s age.

Does age totally disqualifies someone from a category?

Is there something like age-shaming, just like we have stature-shaming?

These are some of the questions that run through my mind whenever someone is quick to ask about my age.

With age comes wisdom, no doubt about that. But people shouldn’t be made to feel lesser because someone thinks they are too old, or they are too young.

If you overlook someone just because of their age, you might just be missing out on something.

I have seen people; both young and old, doing wonderful things. Age shouldn’t be a barrier.


So is age a barrier? What do you think? I want to hear from you.


P.S: November 15 was my birthday, and I clocked 22. I’m grateful to God.

2 thoughts on “How old are you?

  1. yeah truly, with age comes wisdom of experience but instead of using age as a barrier I would rather prefer the to use the willingness to learn what your age hasnt exposed you to and ability to adjust


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