Going the Extra Mile

going the extra mile

There have been times when I settled for the less desirable option all because I didn’t want to go the extra mile.

Whenever I settle for less than I should have, I realize deep down in my heart that I could have done better than I settled for.

How often do we put off the best option just because of laziness? How often do we put off the best option because we ‘can’t be bothered about giving it our best’?

And the thing with this is this –  whenever you choose the less desirable option just because of laziness, deep down you know you could have chosen better.

Going the extra mile can be related to different areas of our lives. How often do we choose that wrong option, because we ‘just want to get it over with’?

When you go the extra mile, when you give things your best, when you don’t settle for less, you feel good with the results.

I’ve been given so many assignments during my course of study in school. One of the things I learnt through these assignments was that I can always put in my best. Whether it’s an assignment that would be scored over 5 or over 20.

Whenever I don’t put in my best, I don’t feel good about myself because I know could have done better. Why did I choose to do a sloppy work?

Philippians 4:13 (KJV) states, “I can do all things through Christ Who gives me strength.

God has equipped me with all that I need to carry out every task I need to carry out. I just need to tap into that grace He has given me.

One of the things I know that vividly stalls putting in one’s best in a work is procrastination. Whenever we procrastinate on things we ought to do, and we put it off till a later time, and then we have only a little time left, putting in an extra mile with such little time might be difficult.

Another thing that also hampers going an extra mile is laziness, which is closely related to procrastination. Whenever we handle things with laziness, we settle for close to nothing.

Let us try to put in the best in all we are doing.

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