Not Forgetting the Beauty of the Present Moment

When last did you walk past your street and notice that beautiful building that has been there for so long? When last did you perceive the scent of your soap, or observe the way your body cream feels in your hands?

When last did you take time to stop, look, and observe your surroundings?

Not Forgetting the Beauty of the Present Moment


When last did you look at the details and notice the beautiful intricacies of that cloth, bag, towel, or handkerchief?

When last did you live fully aware of your surroundings, savoring every beautiful details of it?

Living life fully aware of our surroundings or environments helps us to enjoy ourselves and be aware of the now.

When last did you stop to smell the roses?

In addition, sometimes, because of those things we are looking forward to having in the future, we forget about the things available to us to enjoy in the present.

For instance, there have been times when I have been looking forward to getting something, and I forget how I should enjoy what I have now.

How much are you enjoying the beauty of the present moment, or your current level?

Are you tapping into the benefits of those things you have now, or you are not satisfied with it because you want something bigger?

I ask myself these questions several times.

What is stopping you from enjoying the beauty of the present moment?

Is it that work that God just provided you with, but you are looking towards getting  another place that will pay you more, and you forget to enjoy so many things that it is to enjoy and learn as well as experience on your present job?

Whichever situation we find ourselves, it is important to be fully aware of our present situation, and be grateful for it, even while we are planning towards or hoping for another stage or level.

Enjoy every stage of your life and be grateful for every stage. Have good memories of every stage, because sometimes, we remember the memories more than the material things.

How are you enjoying the beauty of the present moment? Share with us in the comment box below.

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