Benefits of Staying Updated about Current Affairs

From going to interviews, sitting for examinations, going for competitions; we find out how important being aware of the current happenings in our  society and in the world at large is.

Through some of those moments mentioned above, we realize how important it is to know about current affairs. However, the benefits of knowing about current affairs are not only limited to the above-mentioned advantages.

Have you ever had to answer some current affairs questions but you didn’t know their answers, however, deep down you knew that they are questions you should know answers too?

I have had such experiences.

I have encountered different situations where people were saying some things about the economy and I didn’t have an idea of what they were saying because I wasn’t updated about the economy.

Also, let me ask, have you ever written an examination and you were asked questions on current affairs, but you couldn’t answer them, and it felt like you weren’t aware of what’s going on around you or your environment? I have felt like that several times.

Benefits of Staying Updated about Current Affairs


The importance of being up-to-date about the happenings around us cannot be over-emphasized, and it goes beyond the areas of writing tests and examinations alone.

Staying updated about current affairs wasn’t something that fascinated me before now, I used to feel like I didn’t need to know it, but now I know better.

And so, here are five benefits of knowing current affairs:

  1. You get updated about things going on around you: when you are updated about things going on around you, you know more about those things. You get more informed and less ignorant about your environment, and you might begin to understand your environment better.
  2. You broaden your horizons: one of the ways we can broaden our horizons is by staying updated about our environment. When you broaden your horizons, you gain more experience about different things.
  3. Better discussions: also, one of the advantages of being aware of what is going on around you is that it can start has conversation starters for you among others. Also, when you are involved in a discussion that involves current affairs, you get to contribute well.
  4. Informed: for instance, if there is a new invention in town that will benefit your business, you might get to know about it early, because of you staying updated about current happenings in your society.
  5. Learn about other cultures or places: through listening/watching/reading foreign news for instance, you can have an idea of what is going on in different foreign countries. Also, through write-ups like feature articles, you might get to know one or two things about a particular culture outside of your own.

And so, here are some tips on how to stay updated about your environment:

  1. Download a news app on your phone: there are so many news app available for you to download on your phone. And so, get one that will be useful to you and download it. In addition, don’t just download it without opening it, download, open it and read.
  2. Follow news websites on social media: whether newspaper, radio, TV, or online media, follow their social media accounts that you know will be of benefit to you.
  3. Buy newspapers: yes, buy newspapers, and read print versions of newspapers too.
  4. Reseach about your environment: You can visit a physical library and read about your country or environment. Also, you can research online, read factual articles, blogs, and so on.


Do you have some tips on how to stay updated about current happenings? Please share with us in the comment box below.

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