Reading is a good activity, but what are the benefits?

benefits of reading


Most people who know me well will know I like reading. Reading is one of the activities I enjoy doing, I like picking up a good book and literarily digesting it.

I love the way I get to read about different places and know about different cultures through reading. I like how I get to imagine characters as I read. I like how I get to laugh just because of an imaginary character. The list goes on.

I don’t like reading anyhow books, I like reading good books. Good books that will inspire, encourage, adequately inform, educate, and so on.

There are several benefits of reading, and this article is going to highlight some of them.

  1. It improves your vocabulary: when we read, we get to learn new words. And one of the ways of really learning the new words is finding the meaning of the new words we come across during our reading. I said this because sometimes I make mental notes of how I will check the meaning of a word later on, but then, I forget. And so, to actually learn the new words, you need to find the emaning of the new words. This will enlarge your vocabulary bank.
  2. You get to know about different countries and places: when we read good books, we get to know about countries and places we have never been before. Through the way some writers talk about the settings of their novels or stories, we get an idea of how a place is.  And so, reading helps us to have an idea about countries or places.
  3. It improves our grammar: also, when writers grammatically write well, readers can learn about grammar throught the former’s writing. By reading a well-written book, I can have an idea of how some tenses are used, and so on.
  4. It improves your writing: also, reading also helps writers. People ususally advise writers to be good readers. This is because through reading good books, you get to see how others are writing. However, this doesn’t mean you should copy others, what I’m trying to say is that reading helps writers to see how other people are writing and how they can improve on their writing too.
  5. Critical thinking skills: also, reading helps with our critical thinking skills. Someimes when we read some texts, we imagine how the scenes play, and this as result can further aid our critical thinking skills.


Are there some benefits of reading you know that aren’t include above? Please share with us in the comment box below.

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