Natural Hair: What I Should have Understood before Now

Natural Hair: What I Should have Understood before Now



Note: this post is for those who think their natural hair isn’t growing.

When I look back at my natural hair journey, I remember how I have been doubtful so many times as to whether my natural hair is growing or if it will grow the way it should, or not. Yes, I had doubts. I was constantly wondering if I was doing the right things with my hair.

However, when I look at my hair now, I wonder why I had those doubts back then. And so, one of the things I should have understood before now is this; ‘don’t worry, your hair will grow, enjoy every stage’.

I did a big chop, that is, I cut all the relaxed part of my hair at once. I didn’t want to transition, that is, cut the relaxed parts of my hair gradually or at intervals; I wanted to cut it at once.

You know, whether you do a big chop, or you transition; there are pros and cons of either of them (this is a blog post for another day). The thing is choosing the option that you’re comfortable with.

And so, with the big chop I did, there were times when I felt my hair wasn’t growing. There was a point in time I didn’t care much about taking care of my hair because I felt it wasn’t growing like I had expected it to grow. What was I thinking?

I had all these ideas in my hair about how my hair will grow within a twinkle of an eye, without remembering that it will grow step-by-step.

And so, this affected the way I carried my hair back then. My hair is over a year now, and I can see huge growth in my hair. However, before now, I was worried. Worried that my hair won’t grow the way I had expected it to grow.

This worry was one of the reasons I didn’t really enjoy the ‘teeny weeny afro’ stage of my hair then. Another reason was the fact that my edges were very scanty. And so, I wasn’t really excited about my hair then. I didn’t really enjoy that stage of my hair because of the excessive worry i had of what people will think of my hair. Little did I know that I needed to enjoy every stage of my hair.

Just like with my hair, I found out that I need to enjoy every stage of my life, no matter how it looks like or seem like. No matter what someone else might think. I need to appreciate each moment and relish every good memory.

Your hair will grow, your hair is growing, but you might not see it now.

And so, enjoy every stage your hair is in right now, and don’t worry about how you think it looks.  Your hair has beauty at every stage of your hair growth.

And so, for anyone out there who thinks her natural hair isn’t growing; don’t worry, continue to take care of your hair the way you should, your hair is growing, you will see it soon.

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