Do Away with things you don’t Need

Do Away with things you don’t Need


How many times have you found yourself saying, “let me keep this, I might need it later.” And another year came but you never used that thing?

There are so many times I have kept several things, with hopes that I will use them later on but I still didn’t use them. This happens with my hair products, clothes, make-up, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t use all of these things later on, it’s just that I don’t get to use some of them later on. It is the ones I don’t get to use I’m talking about in this article.

You might ask, how will I know if I won’t need this later on?

Think deep down, do you really need it or not?

If yes, keep it. If no, give someone else or do something with it.

Sometimes we hoard things that we have no intention of using later and those things get to clutter our surroundings or wherever we keep those things.

Most times we never know how much we need to get rid of things that aren’t necessary, to do away with those excessive things that aren’t needed.

Each time my room is scattered and things aren’t in the right place, I don’t enjoy working in my room because of the surroundings. However, whenever my room is tidy and clean, I enjoy working in the room.

When a place is well organised, and things are put in the right place, without hoarding or keeping of things someone doesn’t need, it improves the looks of that place. In addition, here are some of the advantages of having a well-organized place, without keeping things that someone doesn’t need:

  1. A Clear View of the things in the Place: for instance, if I have a lot of clothes I don’t usually wear or I don’t intend wearing, and I know deep down that I might not wear them later on; I can give the ones I don’t need out to people. And I have a clear view of the clothes in my wardrobe, and then when I am thinking of what to wear or what to pair a cloth with, I can easily remember the clothes I have.
  2. An Idea of some things Needed: also, if someone has a lot of hair products she doesn’t need, and she also needs other hair products. When the she removes the ones she doesn’t need, she can easily see the ones she needs and also know what she needs to get.
  3. It Creates More Space: it also creates more space for other things.

And so, here some tips on arranging a place:

  • Take a look at everything you need to arrange: For instance, if you want to arrange your wardrobe. You need to look at everything in your wardrobe. You might need to bring out all of the items in your wardrobe in order to be see all the things in your wardrobe.
  • Section them: you might need to get boxes or cartons to put in things you need and things you don’t need. For instance, you can mark one box or carton as ‘keep’, while another one as ‘give out’, or any other label you want to put on it.
  • Be honest with yourself: While trying to arrange some things, you need to be honest with the process. If you know that you don’t need something, you can give someone else that needs for instance, don’t hoard it.
  • Take a Break: depending on the amount of things you need to arrange or remove, don’t forget to rest or take breaks in-between the task. However, don’t take an amount of break more than you need to take.
  • Don’t be lazy: don’t allow laziness or procrastination. Do what you need to do and move on to something else.

How do you rearrange? And also how do you do away with things you don’t need? Please share with us in the comment box below. Also, please like, share, and comment, thank you.

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