6 Tips for Taking Care of your Natural Hair


6 Tips for Taking Care of your Natural Hair

Some of us didn’t know much about natural hair care because we weren’t used to carrying our natural hair, however, this is changing, as we now have different individuals and organisations enlightening people on natural hair care, natural hair styles, natural hair treatments etc.

We now have so many resources on different online platforms available to inform and educate people on natural hair care. We have natural hair blogs, natural hair BBM channels, and so on.

Nevertheless, if you want to know about taking care of your natural hair, please read on.

Whether you are transitioning (that is if you are cutting off the relaxed part of your hair gradually and not at once) or if you did a big chop (that is if you cut away the relaxed parts of your hair at once), it is important to take care of your hair well.

And so, for those who need to know more about natural hair care, here are some tips on how to take care of your natural hair:

  1. Know your Hair Type: there are different types of hair textures and knowing which type your hair is can help you in taking care of your hair. We have straight, wavy, curly, and kinky hair types. And all these hair types can either be a type a, b, or c depending on the thickness of your hair strands. Knowing your hair type can assist you in know how to take care of your natural hair and how your hair responds to some products. Also, some people may have more than one hair type. There are different ways you can know your hair type, and one of the things you can use in knowing your hair type is to research pictures of different hair types and try to find out which category your hails falls under.
  2. Get the Right Hair Products: once you know your hair type, it is important to also know the right products to buy for your hair. Don’t buy products without looking at the ingredients in the products. Also,  avoid harmful ingredients like Isopropyl alcohol, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, parabens, mineral oil, etc. in hair products (you can research more on this). Also, note that the ingredients listed closer to the top are more in the product. Also, for starters, you can get basic products first, such as a sulphate-free shampoo, a leave-in conditioner, a rinse-out conditioner, a deep conditioner, oils such as ;coconut oil and olive oil, shea butter, satin bonnet,  spray bottle, etc.
  3. Routine: having a consistent routine is important in taking care of your hair. There are different ways you take care of your hair,; monthly, weekly, and daily. For monthly routines you can use shampoo once in a month, use a protein treatment on your hair once a month, etc. For weekly routines; you can set out a day as your wash day (a day when you will deep condition you hair, shampoo it, apply rinse-out conditioner, treat it, etc, depending on what you are trying to achieve that day). Then for the daily routine you can use the LOC method which is stands for leave-in Conditioner or liquid, oil, and cream. That is, apply leave-in conditioner or water to your hair, oil your hair, then apply cream or butter-based moisturizer or shea butter to seal the water and oil in.
  4. Give it time: having patience and giving your hair time to grow is important. We need to patiently allow our hair to grow and not be jealous of other people’s hair journey. Enjoy every stage your of hair.
  5. Consistency: continue to take care of your hair even if you think you are not seeing the outcome. When you experience shrinkage iin your hair, don’t worry, your hair is still growing.
  6. Good Hair Habits: also, you need to stick to good hair habits such as using a satin bonnet or silk scarf to wrap your hair when you want to sleep, minimizing the usage of flat irons on your hair, washing your hair when you ought to, moisturizing your hair when you need to, and so on.


How do you take care of your natural hair? Please share some tips with us in the comment box below, thank you! Also, what hair topics would you like me to write about? Please give suggestions in the comment box also, thank you.


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